New certified barrier


  • To increase safety for bikers
  • Protection against splashing water due to the bottom band
  • High retainment H1


We install and supply certified barriers JSAM-M / H1 with increased protection against the motorcyclists passing below the restraint. It is a complete system of a one-sided steel barrier with H1 restraint based on the JSAM type (ArcelorMittal). The system is complemented by a bottom band which, by covering the gap between the AM band and the terrain, creates protection for motorcyclists. Since the system is based on an already established JSAM system, the band is made of sheet metal. 2.8 mm as well as the barrier. The cross section of the AM is identical to the NH4 drain. The only difference is the thickness of the sheet from which the barrier is produced. The NH4 and AM can be connected directly to each other if necessary.