City Bloc


It is a modular system designed primarily for urban traffic consisting of:

  • Concrete sections with inverted Y profile. Longitudinal and transverse ducts on the underside serve for drainage and eventually for cable management, and the transverse channel can also be used for installing the barrier by means of a fork-lift truck.
  • Fasteners made of galvanized sheet metal with which the individual parts are connected.
  • Steel galvanized railing which is bolted onto the concrete panels.
  • Concrete flowerpots which can be combined with other elements of the system.
  • Concrete cones which are used to as barriers at car parks.


Individual parts are usually mounted from the truck directly to the destination using a crane arm or fork lift truck. Anchor eyelets with Rd16 threads are screwed into the anchors embedded in each panel and used to align each section.



  • protection of pedestrian crossings
  • separation of lanes during diversions, work on the road, etc
  • protection of people in particularly vulnerable places such as bus and tram stops, entrances to public buildings
  • separation of footpaths and cycle paths from the roads
  • restricting parking of vehicles adjacent to pedestrian crossings
  • roundabouts