Steel barriers


  • Certified steel barriers for all levels of restraint
  • Safety rail barriers
  • Bridge barriers
  • Single-sided and double-sided road barriers
  • Concrete and plastic barriers
  • As the first on the market ZM introduced the certified MOTOBARRIER
  • The systems meet the strictest safety standards


ZNAČKY Morava, a.s. offers the widest range of restraint systems on the market. We are the largest distributor of ArcelorMittal products. We mainly supply AM and NH4 systems according to TP 167/2015. We offer restraint systems from manufacturers whose products meet the strictest safety standards. All supplied barriers are guaranteed to be of excellent quality which has been tested to demanding barrier tests and independent measurements. We supply barriers to all levels of restraint as specified by TP 114.


Why choose us?


  • Sufficient stock of components commonly used for barriers
  • Flexible barrier chains with high daily performance
  • Own robust pile drivers, digging machines, machines for drilling bridge barriers or installation of sound barriers
  • Compatible with 95% of The Czech Republic