• At the moment, it is number one amongst blasting technologies
  • Reliably removes CB milk from new surfaces
  • Cleans rubber marks
  • Significantly improves anti-skid properties
  • Improves macrostructure and microstructure of the surface
  • High blasting power is provided by 2 motors
  • Blasting power 30kW at 4000 rpm
  • Filtration system with a nominal output of 90 m3/min
  • Dust free system
  • Blasting capacity up to 3000 m2/h on asphalt and concrete
  • Magnetic collector separate the steel shot from the dust


BLASTRAC renews the anti-skid properties of the road surface. The technology reliably roughens the existing road surface and is well suited for treating airport runway surfaces, cleaning rubber marks, cleaning sound barriers, so-called silent covers, removing CB milk from surfaces. After application of the BLASTRAC system, anti-skidding properties are improved beyond required values. The steel shot open the pores of the existing surfaces therefore allowing better quality penetration.