Peeljet system


  • Innovative road regeneration system
  • Effective and gentle roughening of the surface
  • Improves anti-skid skid properties by up to 3 levels
  • Removes unsuitable Road markings and rubber marks
  • Ideal for runway treatment
  • It eliminates the consequences of accidents
  • Ideal preparation of the surface for the new markings
  • It cleans sound barriers


Peel Jet is a unique technology based on the use of water jet energy. Pressure up to 2,500 bar in the PeelJET pressure jets can gently remove dirt, road traffic signs, or roughen the road. Without ecological consequences, road surface damage, or the use of hazardous additives and abrasives. Water is the natural, most economical and yet most effective tool for road renovation. What a good idea!


  • The filling is pure water without hazardous additives, abrasives or other substances
  • Speed of work
  • Minimising of road closures
  • Ability to leave the job immediately
  • Ecological system, dust-free, low noise
  • Max. work speed approx. 800 m2/hour

Technical data and parameters


Working width 2.2 m

  • Max. work speed approx. 800 m2/hour
  • Max. working pressure 2 500 bar
  • Min. ambient temperature + 2 ° C

Cleaning and maintenance of roads


Untreated road surfaces, Vehicle exhaust contaminants adhere to the road surface in tunnels endangering the flow and safety of traffic. Likewise, rubber marks on airport runways or on race circuits are a concern for their operators. PeelJET can thoroughly clean the areas in an environmentally friendly and uncompromising way. The PeelJET is a gentle, fast, and efficient method of blasting the road surface chemicals free, without any localised pollution.

Removing unnecessary or poor quality road markings by water jet


Road markings are naturally worn by traffic. Existing systems for removal of markings by milling or abrasion damage the surface structure, leaving abrasives materials and visible traces behind. PeelJET, on the other hand, can remove road markings without interfering with the surface structure and without visible traces. How? Using a sophisticated blast head setting system. The operator determines the parameters and type of surface, the type of material to be removed (paint, plastic) and, depending on the conditions, can optionally adjust the pressure and direction of nozzle movement. It only removes the markings and not the substrates itself. In addition, PeelJET prepares the surface so that the new road markings adheres perfectly. There is no confusing residual marking on the road from the previous application. PeelJET is able to work efficiently on unstable surfaces, on concrete surfaces, in the city, almost anywhere.

We are saving the environment, and you time and money


The added value of The PeelJET pressure nozzle system is its clean and environmentally friendly operation. No additives or abrasives are used. Only clean water which is continually removed from the surface into a tank. There is no leaching of hazardous substances into the local area or to the sewers. Surface abrasive residues that remain on the surface are unsafe for road users. Our technology is time-efficient as it is a single operation and is widely used due to its variable settings.

Improving the anti-skid properties of the road


Wherever it is needed, PeelJET can roughen the road surface and almost instantly improve the quality of the most frequently used road sections, junctions, crossings, dangerous corners or bridges. No additives, with a positive effect for the rapid drainage of rainwater.