Repairs of potholes


We perform repairs on the roads using a jet method using turbomachines. Potholes are filled by laying special asphalt emulsion and crushed aggregate under pressure. This technology is particularly suited for cheap and fast local repairs of all kinds of surfaces.



ChipFill is a specially developed thermoplastic for repairing road surface defects. No heavy machinery is required for this simple application, a broom, gas burner and material are all you require. The thermoplastic in the form of granules is poured into a clean and dry pothole and melted. Hot thermoplastic flows even into the smallest cracks just like water. Whether the surface is asphalt or cement-concrete, the material adheres to it perfectly. The road can be used by traffic after approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The advantage is it can be applied all year round.


  • Year-round application
  • Easy to use
  • Hot thermoplastic flows into the smallest joints (excellent fluidity)
  • Fast application (road can be used after 20 minutes)
  • Without the use of heavy equipment (just a broom, burner and 2 hands)
  • Minimal risk of further surface degradation
  • Better adhesion to the road (thermoplastic bonds with asphalt)
  • Effectively prevents further water penetrationy
  • Conventional gravel can be applied on top of this to increase grip
  • Especially recommended for repairing defects where different materials connect eg drainage channel
  • Tidy job
  • Lightness of material
  • Ecological