Road accessories and equipment


  • Road directional posts with retroreflective elements
  • Slow lanes, directional and guide boards, arrows
  • Roundabouts (especially in residential areas, near schools)
  • Traffic mirrors in many designs and sizes
  • Equipment for temporary traffic signs
  • Plastic Z4 signs, load bearing profiles
  • Handles, pedestals, cones
  • Traffic lights or other light signals



Road directional posts


Directional posts are located, in particular, outside the village on either side of the unpaved part of the road. Posts are equipped with retroreflective reflectors. They are important for improving the driver's orientation during bad weather conditions and at night. They ensure that the driver safely keeps the vehicle on the road surface.

The directional post must be seen by the driver as an area of 100-140mm width and height of

  • 1050mm +/- 50mm when mounted on dual carriageways and their slip roads (so-called motorway post)
  • 800mm +/- 50mm when mounted on other roads (so-called road post)
  • 330 +/- 50mm when mounted on barriers (so-called directional vertical extension)


When mounted into plastic feet the posts are 1000 and 1200 mm long. When installing the foot in the ground it is necessary to ensure that it is correctly oriented in relation to the direction of traffic. The plastic foot may be buried or concreted on the verge. The post is then inserted into the foot and can be secured with a plastic screw.

Speed control - speed humps and pillows


They are designed to be installed on roads where traffic calming is required to increase road safety (speed limitation).

Traffic mirrors


Significantly contribute to security at blind spots, road exits where there are obstacles in the drivers line of sight and any other places with a restricted view. Traffic mirrors are available in many designs and sizes.



The parking bar makes sure that your parking space remains unoccupied. And when the system is equipped with a remote control it undoubtedly increases the operator’s comfort. Who would like to continually get in and out of the car to physically unlock and then lock the barrier? Time saving is a great asset. Installation of the device is very simple and it can be installed on many types of road surface. The unit uses photovoltaic batteries to recharge itself to ensure that there is always sufficient power.


The robust construction is designed to withstand being run over accidentally by a vehicle. The steel cover can withstand 3.5 tons weight limit. When the unit is struck by a vehicle or any other violent manipulation a significant time limited alarm is triggered. The electronics of the unit are protected by IP65 enclosure against moisture, splashing water and dust.


  • Reserved parking space
  • Remote control, range 15 m
  • It lasts 2700 cycles without recharging
  • Solar charging or adapter
  • IP65 protection against splashing water, moisture and dust
  • Withstands being accidentally run over, ALARM sound is activated.
  • Very simple assembly