Anti-skid treatment of the road


  • Increases vehicle stability, reduces braking distance
  • Greater adhesion of tyres when in contact with the ground
  • Reduces traffic accidents or their consequences
  • Traffic calming - an optical phenomenon
  • At a speed of 50 km/h the braking distance is 10 m shorter
  • Significantly exceeds the requirements in accordance with TP 213


ZNAČKY Morava, a.s. has for several years been successfully participating in a significant improvement in safety in hazardous places by applying special surface treatment. Thanks to the use of modified epoxy resin as a binder and high quality granite as a roughening stone our treatment is more durable than conventional materials. The system is resistant to high traffic volumes and exceeds TP 213 requirements in many parameters. High friction coefficient ensures maximum adhesion - wheel grip to the road surface. This is a safety anti-skid treatment (abbreviated to BPU) of road surfaces. Due to the combination of this technology and high quality materials used (in our case it is corundum or granite), this treatment provides high friction coefficients while being resistant to high traffic volumes and thus maintaining very good anti-slip properties of the road surface throughout its service life. The basic function of BPU is to reduce the braking distance of vehicles, to increase the stability of the vehicle in dangerous sections. Its additional function is the optical highlighting of dangerous sections. The application of this surface treatment is based on specific suggestions made by the Police of the Czech Republic who based them on clear accident statistics of the black spots within the road network in the Czech Republic. The system is particularly suitable for pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, motorways, highways, slip roads, public transport stops, railroad crossings, etc. In addition, the aesthetic function of red is often used on cycling paths and pavements.

BPU contributes:


  • To shortening of the vehicle's braking distance
  • To increasing of the lateral stability of the vehicle
  • To improvement of road safety
  • By reducing the number of traffic accidents and / or their consequences
  • To traffic calming (especially on local roads)
  • To improvement of the overall aesthetics of the public spaces

Braking distance


BPU is essentially an abrasive bonded with a reflective substance to the roadway. The effect of the abrasive mixture on the wheels of the car during braking is extraordinary. BPU shortens the vehicle's braking distance at 50 km/h in wet conditions by 10m (from 33m to 23m). At 60 km/h even by 13.5m (from 45m to 31.5m). The lifespan of the BPU depends on the traffic volume, the quality of the asphalt and its subsoil. The average service life can be up to five years for average traffic volumes. The BPU is delivered in accordance with TP 213. The BPU does not require any special maintenance.

It is suitable for increasing the safety at critical sections:


  • Before arriving at a roundabout
  • Before arriving at a junction
  • Before arriving at a pedestrian crossing
  • Paths for cyclists
  • Sections with speed restrictions
  • Dangerous arcs (bends)