Road buttons and reflectors


  • Effective addition to road marking
  • They mark the road clearer, especially at night or at low visibility
  • Forces the driver to pay more attention and therefore be cautious
  • They help maintain the correct direction and position of the vehicle on the road
  • Long life, very durable material, tempered glass
  • We supply and professionally install
  • Road buttons highlight road markings
  • Cat eyes - highlight roundabouts, islands, pavements



Inset or glued button adds to and enhances the road markings. It is especially used for its distinctive retroreflective properties as it improves visibility under poor weather conditions, such a wet or foggy weather, or at blind spot sections. Depending on the purpose and location a white, blue, green or orange button is used. Inset buttons have a longer lifespan than glued ones.

Glued road button


It is made of high-quality plastic that can withstand a high mechanical load. Round edges and low profile of button extend lifespan. The optical part is made of a plastic reflector and is produced in two versions - one- sided and double-sided button. Dimensions 6 × 12 cm and height of 15 mm.

Inset Road button


Buttons with increased retroreflection inset into the road surface. All types guarantee high visibility at night and in bad climatic conditions. Long life and higher clarity of reflectors due to the thin layer of glass on the reflective surface.

Reflective eyes


They are placed into the milled holes in the curbs. Thanks to their reflectivity they increase the visibility of roundabouts, islands, pavements