Designing and auditing


We provide services for transport infrastructure specialising in roads.

We are able to process the project documentation for all stages of the design.

  • documentation for Territorial Decisions (DUR)
  • documentation to issue a building permit (DSP)
  • documentation for Tenders (DZS)
  • Construction Documentation (RDS)
  • reconstruction of roads
  • adaptation of junctions
  • traffic calming (security features)
  • traffic signs: permanent, temporary
  • traffic studies, etc.


Road Safety Audit including assessment of project documentation from the point of view of road safety. The safety audit is carried out according to Decree No. 104/1997 Coll. and covers mainly the following areas:

  1. Assessment of design element parameters, including ground and drainage
  2. Assessment of the correctness, logical continuity and consistency of the traffic signs and road markings, including the possibility of overtaking
  3. Verification of lookout ratios
  4. Evaluate the immediate surroundings of the road and solid obstacles
  5. Lighting assessment
  6. Assessment of green elements
  7. Assessing the needs of all road users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, drivers of cars and trucks and people with reduced mobility and orientation)
  8. Assessment of parking and parking spaces
  9. Assessment of the application of passive safety components (for example, dividing barriers and collision barriers to prevent risks to vulnerable road users)
  10. Assessing any local and temporary adaptations to roads