Removal of road markings


  • PeelJET technology (water jet)
  • a milling cutter


Road markings are naturally worn by traffic. Existing systems for removal of markings by milling or abrasion damage the surface structure, leaving abrasives materials and visible traces behind. PeelJET, on the other hand, can remove road markings without interfering with the surface structure and without visible traces. How? Using a sophisticated blast head setting system. The operator determines the parameters and type of surface, the type of material to be removed (paint, plastic) and, depending on the conditions, can optionally adjust the pressure and direction of nozzle movement. It only removes the markings and not the substrates itself. In addition, PeelJET prepares the surface so that the new road markings adheres perfectly. There is no confusing residual marking on the road from the previous application. PeelJET is able to work efficiently on unstable surfaces, on concrete surfaces, in the city, almost anywhere.