How we mark the road …..


  • paint
  • profiled 2 part cold plastic
  • profiled thermoplastic



  • sound and vibration effect (plastic)
  • contains glass beads
  • drains water (plastic), excellent retroreflection



Can be applied to:


  • motorways and roads (all classes)
  • local and access roads
  • parking lots and public transport stops
  • airport runways, racetracks
  • in industrial or commercial premises


Certified systems:


  • MULTIDOT LINE - profiled thermoplastic marking
  • SPOTFLEX - profiled two-component cold plastic
  • STRUCTURED marking - profiled two-component plastic
  • all systems have a sounding and vibrating effect, high visibility in the rain thanks to constant water drainage


ZNAČKY Morava a.s supplies complete road signage for motorways, roads, local and access roads, car parks and airports or industrial sites. Due to our large fleet of specialised equipment we are able to adapt the application to varied conditions, surfaces and specific customer requirements. Throughout the installation our main focus is on monitoring machine settings and workflow. We apply road marking with a single component paint, two-component cold plastic or thermoplastic. All materials used comply with strict technical requirements for use on our roads and are listed in the Material catalogue which is approved by the Ministry of Transport. We are involved in the development of new materials and their application on roadways.



MULTIDOT LINE - profiled thermoplastic marking


Road markings, which in addition to increasing effectivity (sound) of the road marking (lines), optimizes road drainage and is clearly visible in wet conditions. MULTIDOT (MDL) technology is also cost-effective and environmentally friendly (non-waste). Thermoplastic material in the form of blocks, granules, or powders is used for MDL markings. The primary advantage is the setting time which takes about 3 minutes at 23.5 ° C. Then the line can be crossed. Another of many benefits is long-term service life. This method is recommended for all new and newer roads. Everything is applied by a special Hofmann H18 - 1 MDL machine.

Pre-formatted thermoplastics


  • excellent adhesion on granite blocks or cobblestones, commonly laid in city centres.
  • in combination with traffic signs highlights, for example, speed limits, pedestrian crossings
  • durability - 8x longer than paint


Pre-formatted thermoplastics provide a way of applying pre-prepared, accurate road markings on the road surface, once they are placed on the surface heat is applied for excellent adhesion. This type of material is used especially for more complex symbols and shapes but also for pedestrian crossings or blind guiding markings. Its application is effective and lasts up to 8 times longer than paint. This technology has proven best on granite pavers and within high traffic areas. ZNAČKY Morava a.s are both distributors and experienced applicators of this material.



Structural marking that is applied on the road surface as an effective defined marking to increase visibility during night and wet conditions. Due to effective drainage, these 3 to 5 mm high points produced by the 2 component cold plastic provide sufficient retroreflection even in heavy rain. The system is suitable for creating the so-called sound effect when crossing the markings (depending on the height of the points). The Hofmann H18 - 1 Spotflex uses this new technology which has just been introduced onto the Czech market and is the most suitable road marking for roads and motorways.

Profiled Marking - Two-component cold plastics


Long lasting profiled sound marking - Spraying Machine Hofmann H26-1. This profile of road marking increases the sound effect when a vehicle crosses the guiding or dividing line.

Single-component road paint


Smooth marking sprayed with either Hofmann machine H26-3 and H26- 1, or Titan type machines. Paint road markings are used for both linear and area markings. It is mainly used on older roads, classes I, II, III and local roads. Also suitable for installation of the first phase of temporary road markings on new sections before laying a permanent two-component cold plastic.

Two-component cast plastics


Cold-applied, smooth, long-lasting markings which are applied by hand. This road markings are used to make arrows, pedestrian crossings, traffic shadows, and all other symbols and characters which cannot be applied by machines.

Decorative marking


  • Solutions for special and individual design
  • The application is quick and easy
  • No harmful substances, the pigments are organic (no lead or heavy metals)
  • UV resistant, the colours stay bright and shiny for a long time
  • As well as 26 standard colours special colours are available


Suitable for:


  • public areas (city centres, housing estates, parks, aquaparks)
  • playgrounds (schools, nurseries, courtyards, campuses, gyms)
  • logos, brands, flags (companies, clubs, organizations)
  • pedestrian or vehicular entrances, parking
  • places with a greater footfall (railway stations, sports grounds, tourist sites)
  • race tracks, roads, pavements (tourist marking)


Looking at a dark and dull surface is not inspirational. So why not use colours on the surface to make the world more beautiful and much livelier?
Decorative pre-formed thermoplastic marking provides solutions for special and individual design. Companies have the opportunity to present their logo, motto or company image, eg at the entrance, in the car park or on the driveway, in an interesting, yet still serious way. By using pre-formed thermoplastic state institutions can enliven public spaces and bring plenty of fun to the surroundings especially for children. Ideas are not limited. Colourful, stimulating and decorative marking is an excellent solution for revitalising schools or nursery playgrounds. By providing signs with spelling or mathematical themes children can not only play but also learn using an alternative and fun way. Visually appealing games, of course, support active learning. Pre-formed symbols offer a different approach to marking of parking spaces and premise entrances. Diverse design gives you the freedom to innovatively design public spaces and to be able to brighten up the environment. Colour symbols give happiness and inspiration to everyone. We have 26 colours available to help design decorative and inspiring markings and symbols. For more sophisticated solutions we can also prepare special colours! The system is readily available in special and individual designs. Modern, flexible production facilities will enable us to respond quickly even to special requests. The application is quick and simple, one person can install it using a broom and a gas burner. Of course, professional installation can be part of your order. The product is resistant to UV radiation. Colours remain bright and shiny for a long time. The material does not contain any harmful substances for the environment. Pigments are organic and do not contain lead or other heavy metals.